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How you see yourself is more important than how others see you!

The way you see yourself is more important than how others see you. As I have said before, the relationship you have with yourself and your creator is the only relationship you cannot trade in or change, so it's important that you love what you see when you reflect on your life, and it's up to you to change it, if you don't. It doesn't matter if you have plastic surgery, your weight, or your nose isn't in the right place at the right angle-I do not mean to disparage anyone who has these things done. It's more a matter of spirit.


A friend and I were discussing perspective recently and I discovered that sometimes things are not all bad, it is how you see them that shapes who you are. In everything there is good and bad, it's what you focus on that makes it powerful. Negative thinking will only lead to negative outcomes. Focusing on the positive side of the situation, however, will make you feel more positive,

If, for example, you think you have large breasts and want to replace them, then go ahead if that is what YOU really want. When contemplating breast augmentation, take the time to think about the benefits of your breasts just the way they are. Your natural breasts are just that, God-given life givers. If you intend on breastfeeding after the augmentation, you should understand that it could lead to milk supply issues. I know women who have had their breasts augmented and have awful scars from botched surgery, women who say their breasts don't move or bounce, and believe it or not some women actually miss them after surgery, along with women who lose sensation in their nipples after surgery all for the sake of a more appealing body image!? Don't do it if you're doing it to please others, but if you're doing it for yourself, go ahead and do what makes you happy with yourself. You're tired of your back hurting, and your girls used to watch you put on your makeup in the mirror while getting dressed in the morning but now they watch you tie your shoes Hey, do you boo!

Look at both the positives and the negatives, and then decide what's best for YOU! When you want to lose weight that's great if you're overweight, but people who are a healthy weight also want to lose weight because they believe it will make them look more attractive. It doesn't matter how you look as long as you are healthy!

It is because women try to conform to the world's or culture's definition of beauty rather than their own. I'm not saying I don't struggle with this same problem of course I do I'm a woman. Not just a woman a middle-aged woman who constantly thinks she has passed her prime! The thing is though after taking a deeper look I realized I haven't reached my prime maybe physically but mentally I've still got a lot to learn what people see will fade it will sag and winkle up and turn gray and no amount of nipping or tucking is ever going to be enough to stop it, but my heart, my heart is my steady it will change but never uglier It will only get more beautiful with time! There is more to you baby girl than just the way you look A whole other world inside your heart and the more light you shine on it the less people will see on the outside. You soul will always be more important than what people see! If you are surrounded by people who think the way you look is more important than how you feel! Those aren't your people baby walk Away!



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