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Self-care is not selfish and more importantly None of their Business!

The Question of the Day! Who are you? If you are like me, you are asking yourself every day, who am I? I hope I never find the answer because every time I look for the answer, I find myself on a new adventure! Learning something new or exploring the world around me or researching the world where my mind travels!

It's like when people ask me where I'm from I never know what to say because being the daughter of an Army man I've grown up in different areas of the U.S. and overseas and subconsciously my accent changes with my mood. I don't understand why it happens it just does! The different parts of the world I have visited have somehow became part of who I am in some form or another!

The first time I seen the ocean I can remember how I Felt so small! I loved that feeling that feeling of wonder! There is so much more to explore!

Sometimes it's hard to know yourself when you're always putting the needs of others before your own. It's confusing to even know who you are or what your needs are in today's world. There is this big hoopla about how putting yourself first is Selfish IM CALLING BS!! If anything, trying to find my balance and putting my own needs first has actually helped me become a better care giver! I'm not saying you should completely ignore the needs of others! If you are thinking Yay, she is giving me permission to be and asshole narcissist you're so very wrong and should probably seek professional help! What I'm saying is Sometimes you have to put yourself first to serve others better. I'll give you an example:

When you are feeling overwhelmed with all the needs of others and you become anxious and a big ball of nerves and angry with frustration and all you need is a breath, a break from all that craziness, we call life TAKE YOU a second to step back take a deep breath mentally work through your stress and then go addressee those needs with a clear head! You will have a better outcome almost all of the time you can focus on one need at a time so you're not just giving a half effort to get the job done but you can put in a full effort to get the best outcome!

So actually, taking care of yourself can help you take better care of others! So don't be afraid to start taking better care of yourself. If you decide to take better care of you for you that's wonderful to just not to the point to where you focus only on yourself and forget about the needs of others.

When I tell people I'm learning how to care for me I've gotten different reactions from my husband, kids, friends but honestly, I don't give a shit about any of their opinions about it. Hahaha, I know it's harsh, but you know what at the end of the day I have to take care of me to! so when you're trying to learn Yoga and your kids walk in and look at you like you're from a different planet tell them to go away or join you but stop standing there looking at ya like your crazy!

When you are burning your sage and your husband walks in and starts choking on the smoke. Remind him that it's to clean out negative energy and if he is choking on it maybe he should come hang out with you for a minute! HAHAHA! When you're saying your prayers and you just know God is listening and you start crying and they ask you what's wrong and you say nothing they are happy tears you don't have to explain any further than that. The rest is between you and God! If you are burning your sage, covered in crystals, and praying at the same time people say isn't that witchcraft? Guess what that's none of their business either that too is between you and God!

I guess what I'm saying is self-care is just that for YOURSELF! I've found that when you start something with the right intentions the rest just works out as long as you keep moving forward! So, let's get to learning who we are and what we need!

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